Cottages in Kuusamo

These recently finished holiday cottages are located at 8km distance from Kuusamo city centre and 28km from Ruka. Here you can enjoy your holiday in peace around the year. In winter a snowmobiling and a classic skiing trail run across the lake next to the cottages.

Huuhkaja 1

Well-equipped cottage for up to 8 persons with a lakeside sauna and a barbecue hut. With an outdoor bathing tub available for rental.

Huuhkaja 2

Well-equipped cottage about 100m from the lakeside. For up to 8 persons. With an outdoor bathing tub available for rental.

Distances in Kuusamo

Destination Distance from Huuhkaja
Kuusamo 8km
Kuusamo airport 3,5km
Kuusamon Tropiikki and golf course 7km
The Predator Center in Kuusamo 42km
Juuma 50km
Julma-Ölkky 86km
Oulanka Visitor Centre 57km
Riisitunturi 60km
Ruka's centre 28km
River Kuusinki 35km

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